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Moving From Dallas to Lubbock – Tips From Long Distance Movers

The moving process has its ups and downs! Could be a brand new job, a new apartment or house and new views, sounds and food places. Let Lion Heart Movers take the stress out of moving with one quick call – we can be your ultimate movers from Dallas to Lubbock. Distance between the two cities is 345 miles via I-20; travel time is about 4 hours.

Climate and Land Layout

Lubbock and the area therein is as historical as it is diverse and fascinating as the people who the area flattened long ago by the storied South Plains Winds. The legacy of the “Diamond in the West” goes back years ago, when this entire area (known currently as the plains) was one huge lake. As the years went on by thus did the water as well, giving way to the arrival of the oft written about South Plains winds and the complete leveling of this once vast caprock.

Lubbock’s Cost of Living Is Considerably Less than Most Cities in Texas

Lubbock’s cost living index out of $69.70, which is 30.60% lower than in New York. A four-person family’s monthly bills are estimated to be $2,576.51 while a single-person’s monthly costs are $776.58, without rent. Dallas is 13% more expensive than Lubbock. Utilities are approximately 65% more expensive in Dallas.

Noting that the average salary in Lubbock is $52,000, you and your family can definitely live within means.

Need Movers from Dallas to Lubbock? Get Ready for Your Move

A stress-free move is byproduct of proper planning. Here are a few things of consideration:

  • What are the most cost?
  • How do I plan my moving date with the date that I begin my new job?
  • Should allow the mover to pack my valuables?
  • What about possible damage to my items?

Simple Checklist of Things to Do

Some of the simplest things to do while you’re getting ready to move might not be easily remembered. These are the things to accomplish:

  • Give notice to your auto insurance and homeowners insurance and companies of the move.
  • Send out change of address for pertinent financial correspondence to to your bank, for you 401(k), stocks, insurance companies, etc.
  • For moves to an apartment that has elevators, it’s usually imperative that you book an elevator for your move date to the new location & find our out where the Lion Heart Movers truck should park .
  • Take steps to have medical records be transferred. also, refill any prescriptions right before you move
  • If you have kids, get their vaccination records as well as certified copies of everyone’s’ birth certificates. These records are needed for enrolling your kids in school and also in obtaining an updated driver’s license.
  • Make sure to cancel monthly services like landscaping, pest control, etc.
  • Make sure your checking account has enough monies in it to pay for the move.


movers from dallas to lubbock


Benefits of Choosing Lion Heart for moving from Dallas to Lubbock

  • Integrity and Reliability. Kyle Sainz, owner, takes every phone call and gives you the exact cost for your move.
  • Licensed and Insured. Every mover who handles your belongings is a long term worker. We train our people, and they are covered by our insurance, so no worries there.
  • Free Assembly and Disassembly. Each and every truck is equipped with the tools to take apart oversized furniture  items and of course to reassemble it upon placing it in your new home.

Call Now

Call us at Call: (972)464-1850 or use our online quote. Entrust your valuables to Lion Heart Movers.

As a long distance moving company in Dallas, we are elated to relocate you to Lubbock.

Looking for the industry leading Dallas to Lubbock movers? You have come to the best place! Lion Heart Movers has been creating great moving experiences since 2014 and has been serving the families of the Dallas and Lubbock since day one. With so much experience moving from Dallas to Lubbock we have what it takes to implement the best moving plan and to make your move move fast and simple. Lubbock may seem like a quick move but it’s actually a pretty good distance and we have the expertise to make it seamless.

Our highly capable move schedulers will enact a moving master-plan that keeps in mind your school and work schedules and we will virtually meet with you regarding any other matters specific to your needs. These ‘Move Schedulers’ will also be your account managers throughout the entire move and you can follow your valuables using our tracking capabilities in our Arrivy home services software.  We are the premier Dallas to Lubbock movers for so many  and are ready to prove it to you. It all begins with a free virtual consult so call, text or email us for an appointment today.

Movers from Dallas to Lubbock

There are many benefits to choosing us as your Dallas to Lubbock mover, and we are always looking to exceed your expectations. These included benefits are:

  • Professional Trained Movers – No Day Laborers
  • Ultra Clean Trucks with Plentiful Moving Blankets & Equipment
  • Free Virtual Moving Estimates
  • Packing & Unpacking
  • Bonded and Insured Moving

When you choose Lion Heart Movers, you are a part of the Lion Heart family – and family always gets the most favor and love! We will create a customized Dallas to Lubbock moving portfolio for you and ensure that you’re happy.

Call Lion Heart Movers at 972-464-1850 for a free estimate for movers from Dallas to Lubbock and find out more about how we can make your move awesome!.

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