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Yes We Move That!

Our Story

Moving is not particularly fun is it? It’s the third most stressful event in a persons life according to researchers. At Lion Heart Movers we empathize with where you are coming from and we provide excellent service in the office and in the field. We go a step further though given the importance of matching the level of service needed for what can often be a life adjusting event. First of all we invest a lot of funds and focus into who your moving crew is and seeing that our procedures and policies are implemented by the moving crew. No bad apples, no service that misses the mark and falls through the cracks, we simply do not allow anything other than excellence to be the norm. We communicate as much as we possibly can, we check every box three times just to make sure, and we follow up with you after your move and send a handwritten thank you note to your mailbox as well. Basically, we go over the top because in moving we feel this is the best approach. 

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